Grain Bank Policy

  • Free Storage on all grain-banked commodities used in prepared feeds.
  • Storage charged @ $.07/tonne/day on grain-banked commodities taken out of stock (not credited against feed purchases) or sold from storage starting Sept. 1 for barley or wheat and Dec. 1 for corn.
  • Elevation out charge of $6.00/tonne on commodities removed from storage and not credited against purchases.
  • Accounts may be paid with grain-banked commodities but are subject to storage charges of $.07/tonne/day
  • Truck scale weight less dockage (2% shrink, dirt, weed seed)
  • Pick up charge at farm with sucker truck is $120.00/hour
  • All grain-banked commodities are to be used up or sold prior to new harvest season. Storage will be charged on remaining balance at the beginning of new crop
  • Storage space is limited, therefore corn from customers storing for grain bank purposes will take priority over corn being stored and sold at a later date.
  • Grain-banked commodities may be transferred internally, from producer to producer, at no charge
  • Please contact B-W Staff if you have any questions.


Revised: Oct 2015