Dairy products and programs for calf and heifers

B-W Calf Milk Replacer Products

Recognize and Utilize Milk’s Nutrients

  • Ensure 10% of body weight in colostrum is fed within 2 hours of birth
    • 4 liters Holstein, 3 liters Jerseys and other colour breeds
  • Increase Milk Feedings
    • Day 2-7 offer 3L 2x/day with free choice clean water
    • Day 8-49 offer 4L 2x/day, continue free choice clean water and introduce starter
    • Day 50-60 offer 2L 2x/day and continue starter until day 90
  • Higher Protein and Fat Diets
    • Increases immune function and average daily gains
    • Calves are born with very little body fat and can only gain fat through milk fat
    • High protein diets provide energy to get calves through stress periods

Available Milk Replacer products:

B-W Calf Starter Products

The benefits of using our Starter products:

  • Low NFC starter maintains ideal rumen pH by avoiding subclinical acidosis
  • Designed to develop good rumen papillae for optimal nutrient uptake
  • It only takes 10g of starter to begin rumen development
  • Maintains calf growth through weaning period
  • Develops healthier, taller and leaner calves
  • Creates muscle tone
  • Shinier coats and bright eyes
  • Consistent manure calf to calf
  • Uniform regardless of season


Understand the BIG Technology

  • Amino Acids, specifically Lysine and Methionine, support lean muscle tissue and true frame growth
  • Vitamins and Minerals, including Vitamin E, functions as an antioxidant that interacts with Selenium to maintain structural integrity of tissues and support a healthy immune system.
  • Essential Oils promote certain bacteria strains which aid in rumen development
  • Carbohydrates calves can utilize include lactose, soluble fiber, low starch and fermentable NDF
  • High Digestibility maximizes growth


Available Starter products:

  • BIG Calf Starter (Deccox) Pellet
  • 20% B-W Calf Starter (Monensin) Textured
  • 20% B-W Performance Calf Starter (Monensin) Pellet

B-W Calf and Heifer Grower Products

The benefits of using our Grower products:

  • Higher protein levels for calves and heifers to deposit large amounts of body protein into muscle and frame growth.
  • Capitalizes on the most efficient time to utilize high quality dietary amino acids.
  • Promotes lean growth.
  • Maintains rumen health with low starch content.


The benefits of BIG Grower product:

  • Develops rumen
  • Develops and enhances immune system
  • Continued healthy large lean frame growth from birth to weaning and beyond.
  • Maintains growth and health through weaning from proper rumen development.


Available Grower products:

  • BIG Heifer Grower Ration (Monensin) Pellet
  • B-W 21% Heifer Grower (Monensin) Pellet
  • B-W 18% Heifer Grower (Monensin) Pellet
  • B-W 16% Heifer Ration (Monensin) Pellet
  • B-W 35% Heifer Supplement (Monensin) Pellet
  • B-W Heifer Premix (plain or Monensin)

B-W Dairy Management Programs

B-W Feed & Seed Ltd. has created partnerships with chosen suppliers, offering researched backed products and services, which provide value to customers.

ADM Alliance Nutrition


  • Partnership with ADM Alliance Nutrition
  • Global management approach identifying bottlenecks
  • Identifies areas of opportunities through:
    • Herd audit, TMR audit, parlour management
    • Cow comfort and behaviour
    • Feed and forage management
    • Monthly return over feed and management benchmarking
    • Dairy comp 305 analysis
    • Herd management (financial analysis) upon request
  • Assess strengths and weaknesses of individual operations sectors
    • Milking cows
    • Replacements
    • Forage
    • Grain
BIG Bovine Innovations Group

BIG Calf and Heifer Program

  • Optimal nutrition package supporting “Normal Biological Growth” in dairy replacements
    • Protein sources that allow for correct amino acid supply resulting in lean frame growth and improved health
    • Energy sources that promote rumen development helping maintain growth and health through weaning
    • Functional proteins, omega 3 fatty acids, essential oils, and vitamin E improve immune function and overall health
  • Recognize milks nutrients by feeding increased amounts of milk or proper milk replacer
  • BIG Starter pellets are formulated to complement increase in milk per feeding
  • BIG Grower pellets continue to promote healthy, lean, and true frame growth
C.O.W.S. Program

C.O.W.S Program

  • Provides producers with feedback on cow comfort and management practices
  • Engages producers and management team to implement changes toward removing limitations on milk production and improving animal well being
  • Assessment Process Includes:
    • Herd registration
    • Assessment scheduling
    • On-farm assessment (2 visits)
      • Attachment of data loggers on 40 cows during milking
      • Assessment of hock and knees
      • Facility design and management
      • Management questionnaire
      • Lameness scoring
      • Removing of loggers
    • Report Delivery
      • 4-6 weeks after visit
      • Customized report
      • Action plans with executable tasks
AG modelling and Training Systems

Ag. Modelling and Training Systems (AMTS)

  • Partnership with Dr. Tom Tylutki and his team provides leading edge ration balancing software and technical training
  • Model based on latest science and biology available
  • Least cost optimization using a linear optimizer
  • An integrated system to maximize income over feed cost