Dairy products and programs for calf and heifers

B-W Calf Milk Replacer Products

Recognize and Utilize Milk’s Nutrients

  • Ensure 10% of body weight in colostrum is fed within 2 hours of birth
    • 4 liters Holstein, 3 liters Jerseys and other colour breeds
  • Increase Milk Feedings
    • Day 2-7 offer 3L 2x/day with free choice clean water
    • Day 8-49 offer 4L 2x/day, continue free choice clean water and introduce starter
    • Day 50-60 offer 2L 2x/day and continue starter until day 90
  • Higher Protein and Fat Diets
    • Increases immune function and average daily gains
    • Calves are born with very little body fat and can only gain fat through milk fat
    • High protein diets provide energy to get calves through stress periods

Available Milk Replacer products: